Positano, Amalfi, Ravello

We made it to day 2 in Sorrento. After carbo-loading for breakfast,(i.e. every pastry they offered us) the four of us along with our trusted driver, Giuseppe, took a day trip drive along the Amalfi coast.  We took a quick stop in Positano to take in the sights. The church we were hoping to see was closed for cleaning, so back to the car we went.


To get the full Italian Amalfi experience you need to drive along a series of hairpin curves the entire length of the mountain. There’s barely enough for one smart car width, let alone two public buses (one each direction.) After patiently waiting for that to clear we made it to Ravello. We walked up the mountain to Villa Cimbrone. Very nice, lovely rose gardens, definitely worth the walk.

Public Sita buses aside, the trip back down to Amalfi was smooth. We had enough time there to visit St. Andrew’s basilica and crypt. While you are allowed non-flash photography at the churches, I usually opt to take it in as an experience with just my eyes instead. It seems backwards to admire marble columns, statues, and altars that are not only hand crafted but also hundreds of years old with modern technology…. or maybe I’m getting to be that old…

On the way back we stopped at an Amalfi “beach.” There’s no sand, only small rocks, before you get to the water. Definitely worth it after the heat. That was enough excitement for one day.

La mia famiglia
La mia famiglia

3 thoughts on “Positano, Amalfi, Ravello”

  1. Hello Family,

    It is so lovely…!
    How exciting to see where you are traveling.
    Happy that you can share it all with us and to see your beautiful faces, as well.

    Our St. Andrew’s Church had it’s Centennial Celebration ending with our Church Gala on Saturday night! Just amazing that you could be at his church and his tomb at this time. Awesome!

    Keep the pics coming!
    Enjoy and be safe!

  2. Hello, Family!
    Fr. Joseph Farrell, O.S.A, (Augustinian) served here at St. Andrew’s for a number of years. Three years ago he was made the Vicar General and was transferred to Rome for six years. He came home a week for our Centennial, but had to fly back today, Monday 27th. Ralph and I had a nice chat with him on Saturday night at our Church Gala at Springfield Country Club. Meant to tell him that you were there, but we were sadly interrupted (He was definitely the man of the hour!) You can visit him, if you have time: when you enter Vatican Square through the colonnade, you make the first left to get to his office. It is right there! He is as lovable a priest as can be and sure he would be thrilled to greet you and bless you and any objects, if you get a chance!
    God bless,
    PS- waiting for more pics!

  3. Hello Family!
    Thank you for all the pics and the lovely peek at Cesare Augusto and for sharing your last night in Sorrento with the fun narrative @ Forza Italia!, Bar Rita and Big John, too with his cappuccino! Ah, memories or a lifetime! How Fun!
    Almost like being there! Thanks so much! Keep the pics coming!
    Have fun and God bless,
    PS- If you see Father, he will remember me telling him to pray for a mighty holy angel – one for each wing, as well (but da, sure he already knew that)!

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